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Regional budgetary health institution “Regional Perinatal center” was built according to the project of construction of advanced medical centers as a part of a priority national project “The health” and commissioned in 2011.

The Perinatal center is the medical institution providing all types of specialized, advanced medical impatient assistance in the field of obstetrical, gynecology, neonatology and as well as providing outpatient, consultative, diagnostic and medical rehabilitation assistance to women and men on reproductive health problems.

The center is equipped with modern medical equipment that allows monitoring the condition of the mother and fetus, anesthetic and respiratory, resuscitation, x-ray, ultrasound, laparoscopic equipment. The use of high technologies makes it possible to care for premature babies, including those with extremely low body weight. The department of Assisted Reproductive Technologies also works successfully in the center.

Using the telemedicine system, the perinatal center is connected with leading clinics in Moscow, whose doctors will immediately provide qualified advice if necessary.

Our Specialists are actively implementing new treatment technologies using the best national and international experience. The center coordinates the activities of maternity hospitals in the region, and holds regional meetings and conferences.

Our activities are focused on the following principles : availability, free, privacy, expertise, scientific validity and effectiveness of diagnostic and treatment process , mentorship and mutual support of staff, continuity – support women from the period of pregnancy planning, performance analysis and improvement of the quality of medical-diagnostic process, benevolent attitude to mother and baby.

Our perinatal center is rightfully the leader in the Kursk region and ranks first in the ranking for the provision of obstetric and gynecological profiles in Russia.

The RPC provided assistance to 10047 patients, including 35 foreign citizens, in 2019.

401 in vitro fertilization cycles were performed. Procedure effectiveness – 37,2%.

Outpatient care.

Center for family health and reproduction is the region specialized, advisory center for reproductive health of the region's population.

Counseling is conducted on the following issues : infertility of married couples, miscarriage of pregnancy , cervical pathology, endometriosis, child and adolescent gynecology, andrology, pathology of the climacteric period, benign breast diseases, contraception, urogynecology. The IVF’s laboratory works since 2012.

Patient care.

The obstetric unit specializes in managing high-risk pregnancy and childbirth, including preterm birth and very early preterm birth with a gestational period of 22–27 weeks.

In the neonatal intensive care unit, full-term and premature infants who have respiratory disorders that require respiratory support or therapy, children with extremely low body weight, as well as newborns of any gestational age with severe disorders of vital organ function are treated.

The department of operative gynecology performs modern surgical methods of treatment with any access. The doctors of the department were the first in our region to master and implement endoscopic operations in gynecology. The ideology of the development of gynecology is that surgery today should be the least traumatic. The use of predominantly minimally invasive organ-preserving surgeries helps restore a woman's reproductive health. The department is working intensively.

2945 operations were performed in 2019, surgical activity was 95.7%. About 75 surgical interventions are performed per week!

The main direction is organ-preserving and plastic surgery.

2411 endoscopic operations were performed in 2019, which is 81.8% of all interventions:

- planned 58.9%; emergency-30.8%; urgent-10.1%.

Laparoscopic doctors perform urgent operations serving calls through the remote consultation center, take part in operations at the Regional clinical hospital, emergency Hospital and children’s hospital.

Surgical interventions are performed to prepare for IVF.

The Department provides high- tech medical care for giant uterine fibroids and ovarian tumors, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, and stress urinary incontinence using synthetic prostheses.

Our center is the only one in the region where the entire volume of modern surgical interventions on the reproductive system of women is performed, with the exception of correction of malformations.

95 high-tech surgical interventions were performed in 2019.

1. A foreign patient requests medical assistance in writing, in person or by e-mail.

2. The application indicates what type of assistance you need to get (IVF, surgical treatment, delivery, telemedicine consultation).

3. After consideration of the application, a contract for the provision of medical services is concluded.

4. The patient is referred for an outpatient examination to clarify the diagnosis and draw up a treatment plan.

5. The provision of medical services.

6. Payment of the contract.

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